Thursday, August 21, 2008

Salvatore "Sleazy Sal" Esposito and Pal

Sal "Sleazy Sal" Esposito was a Harlem-to-Hollywood-transplant -- with two-bit ties to the mob. . He switched gears from porn purveyor-- to drug dealer-- when he partnered-up with low-leval smack supplier - 'Rhode Island Rocky".The pair of parasites sold strung-out junkies and hopheads a high-grade heroin called China white. Los Angeles Mafia mobster's,Mike (Mike Rizzi) Rizzitello and Anthony Fiato,"The Animal" constantly raked Sal and his pal over-the-coals for cash and left them pot-to-piss-in penniless

Sal Esposito is mentioned in Anthony Fiato's book ----"The Animal in Hollywood