Saturday, August 23, 2008


Joseph "Joe" Houser was a fabulous fabricator with high caliber connections to Washington lobbyists' .. Houser made big bucks running bogus insurance scams out of L.A.. .Joe got
busted for Federal white collar crimes --and was ready to
do his time -- when FBI agents approached Houser with a way out, of the jam he was in.. Houser agreed to play ball with
the Feds, and duke a couple of undercover agents into Louisiana
Mob Boss , Carlos Marcello --who was also a friend, of a friend, of Housers. Through his chum, Houser hooked-up the Feds with Marcello-- which ultimitly led to the Don's downfall ......Years later , Houser's turncoat treachery was still on the lips of Hollywood., Mafia boss, Pete Milano in a mob meet, talking to two of his men, Anthony Fiato , and Luigi Gelfuso, saying, " I want you both to be carefull.." guys like that rat Joe Houser , are all around us.".. Fiatos' body recorder captured the conversation clearly
Another true Holltwood Story