Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bully Boxer gets brained with Black Jack

Hollywood boxing legend Art Aragon was called the "Golden Boy" in the ring-- but the bevy of bookies operating on Hollywood boulavard considered "the Golden Boy" a solid gold welch'er. . When it came time for Aragon to pay up for his betting losses -- he gave the bet takers a beat down , and then stiffed them . All that changed when it came to the attention of well connected Hollywood racketeer, Joe "JS" Sica. . . Sica sent enforcer Anthony "the Animal " Fiato to bust up Aragon . A mean feat by any standard . While holding a gun on Art-- Fiato black jacked the punchy palooka and cracked his hard head wide open..... Aragons' welching ways and bullying days were finaly over

Another true Hollywood Story. Anthony Fiato