Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Los Angeles Crime Family Fink Jimmy The Weasel Fratianno.

Jimmy "The Weasel" Fratianno was a chip-on-his-shoulder mob-shooter who transplanted to "Tinsel Town " from Cleveland . Fratianno had over a dozen mob hits under his belt . "The Weasel" never thought while on a mob ordered rub-out , when he coined the phrase ,".I'll take the back seat",. that it would become infamous in underworld folk lore -- but it did, when he used it to get sure-shot aim-- to blast two tough hoods' in the back of their heads -- from the back seat of their sedan. . Fratianno was always a rock-solid, stand-up guy, that is, until he sold his mob amico's down the river when he finked to the feds. . Jimmy ''the Weasel " Fratianno died a, miserable, dismal, death, demented from Alzheimer's disease .

Another true Hollywood story by Anthony Fiato.