Monday, October 13, 2008

Anthony Fiato, aka "The Animal", made Murry "the K" DJ

Murray the K, was a famous and influential rock and roll impresario and disc jockey of the 1950's, '60's and '70's. During the early days of Beatle mania, he frequently referred to himself as "the Fifth Beatle, Murray loved to gamble on sports.

He lost a ton of bucks gambling... One weekend he lost over thirty grand betting on football to a bookie named John Di Mattia. Di Mattia was my partner, or with me, as we say in the Mob.. when Murray The "K" came up lame for the dough I took a ride with Di Mattia to Murray's Hollywood Hills home to make him pay, and to meet a guy who was a living legend.

.The "K" looked as skinny as a rail.. I guess it was from doing cocaine.. I had to slap him around. a bit to make myself very clear about how I was going to hurt him bad if we didn't get our money.. The poor prick was shaking like deputy Barney Fife. In the midst of all this ,the crazy fuck asks me if I want a line a coke. Then and there, I knew how we were going to get paid.. I came up with a plan to get the money.. The "K" was heavy into cocaine, so I made him set up a dealer friend of his to be ripped off .by two members of my crew, my brother Larry, and Stevie Munichello..

.I gave the K the money to buy the first ounce ,and a week later this dealer named Tony comes with a key and they stick this fuck up.. This mutt accuses the" K" , but he isn't sure. The K calls me and I tell him to make a meet with this dealer. . I meet this Tony guy, and he has a couple of friends with him, one was someone who knew me,a mug named Mike Lizst, who was a dealer friend of actor Jimmy Caan's Mike's eyes bugged out of his head when he saw me, and he tells this guy Tony I was a Mafia.heavyweigh.t The Tony guy wants to be my friend now, and he wound up working for me, and he set up his supplier for half of the score A few years later the "K" died of cancer.. I did like the skinny prick, and he was a great DJ, but a lousy gambler. .
Anthony "The Animal" Fiato. . ..Another True Hollywood Story.