Thursday, October 9, 2008


Ronnie "The Pig" Casesso.

When I first met Ronnie Casesso he was in Walpole prison courtesy of the snitch Joe Barboza..... Casesso was a made guy in the Patriarca Crime Family who had gotten the death penalty for being one of the shooters in the murder of a minor hood named Teddy Deegan.. Ronnie "The Pig" caught a big break when his sentence was reduced to life in prison because the death penalty was repealed.

Casesso had the run of Walpole in those days. Here's how strong Casesso was. My friend Ronnie Rome was related to Casesso through marriage. He was also in the vending business with mob boss, Jerry Angiulo. Rome gets a call from Casesso.who tells him to bring a pin ball machine to Walpole for the warden as a gift. I decided to take a ride with Ronnie Rome. When we get there I expect to be frisked by the guards, but its not that way. Then I see Casesso really has the run of the place. He's in for murder, and not only is he not behind bars, he's not even inside the prison. He's lying on the grass working on his tan outside of the front gate. "The Pig" is acting more like the warden's brother-in-law, than a prisoner.
. . ..

We greet and I see how informed "The Pig" is. He is really happy to see Ronnie Rome. Rome tells him I was with Nicky Giso.( Nicky was a Patriarca made guy),but Casesso had already heard. He had better news sources than the Boston Globe. He offered us a drink. For a guy in prison,he was a gracious host.

We asked him how some of the guys from our neighborhood were doing. Casesso said," you just missed "The Bear", (Jimmy Flemmi, the brother of Stevie Flemmi)' he was just here getting a tan,''we are going to eat good tonight,'Chinese food, 'in a swell joint down the street".I couldn't believe it. "The Pig"
was living better than most guys on the outside. He laid woman in a motel down the road, and he even stayed overnight. He dropped in on the warden anytime he wanted anything. He was more free than the guards.

Everybody was afraid of "The Pig". They all knew he was Raymond Patriarca's buttonman.and he had killed plenty of times. When we were leaving he told us to watch out for "those people", meaning The Patriarca Crime Family, " they will use you". I laughed, and told Casseso to get my cell ready. Ronnie "The Pig" Casesso died in prison, but he lived like he was as free as a bird.

By Anthony Fiato,"The Animal"