Monday, March 9, 2009

Hollywood Mafia Tommy Ricciardi

Tommy Ricciardi a/k/a ”TR “ Ricciardi was an enforcer for the Colombo Crime Family before he became a member /soldier in the Los Angeles Mafia under Dominick Brooklier.

Ricciardi shot to death rat fink,Frankie “Bomp” Bompansiero in a phone booth in San Diego on Brooklier’s orders. The rub-out got ”TR” his button/”made” in the Family.

Ricciardi was known as the hitman with a pacemaker. His career as a memberof the LA Mob was short lived. Only a few years after whacking “Bomp”, ”TR” died of heart failure in a Federal prison while serving time for an exrtortion rap.

His wife and friends were convinced the Feds had a hand in letting Ricciardi die on the operating table.