Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hollywood Mafia, Salvatore "Dago Louie" Piscopo

Salvatore “Dago Louie” PISCOPO "Dago Louie" got his button/made in the Dragna Crime Family the same night Jimmy "The Weasel" Fratianno did. He ran the lay-off action at the race track, and a massive bookmaking operation that extended from Watts to Beverly Hills He got the nickname ” Dago Louie" because he spoke fluent broken English. Nobody ever called him that to his face. "Dago Louie" was a hothead. He killed two guys back in the “old country” in a dispute over a goat. Johnny Roselli was always a close ally of Dago Louie’s, but behind Johnny’s back, he secretly squealed to the Feds that Roselli’s real name was Phillipo Sacco, which made Johnnys’ residence in the United States Illegal. "Dago Louie" carried grudges, and a gun, well into his old age.. Some say he drove the slugger that whacked out Bugsy Siegel