Friday, November 7, 2008

Louie Dragna Hollywood Mafia

Louis Tom Dragna aka Lou Allen aka "Louie longlegs" was at one time the acting boss of the Los Angeles crime family . He has an arrest record dating back to 1946. Louie Dragna was one of the top earners in the history of the LA mob. He made a ton of gelt in the garment business. Dragna participated in the murder of "Russian" Louie Strauss. He was convicted along with Mobster's,Joe "JS" Sica , Frankie Carbo, and Blinky Palermo , of extorting welterweight boxing champion Don Jordan's manager for a piece og Jordans contract . His last conviction came in 1980 when It came out in the Forex extortion Mafia trial that Louie Dragna admitted to his membership in the Mafia, and that he betrayed the membership structure of the Los Angeles mob to FBI agent Jack Barron in 1976