Friday, September 5, 2008

Anthony Fiato aka "The Animal", Guido "The Bull" Penosi,

Although his Mob bosses were based in the Big Apple, Gambino-made-mobster, Guido "The Bull" Penosi preferred running his mob business from Mirabelle's restaurant, located on Hollywood's, Sunset Strip..

.. Penosi operated low-key and lone-wolf-like -- while he brokered big-league drug deals.extorted entertainers, and committed countless other crimes. FBI agent's accurately pegged Penosi as, "a man who got things done".

. The "Bull" was a cash-cow for his east coast Capo's, but he had never given as much as a crumb to the Los Angeles Crime Family-- until he cut Pete Milano's Street boss Anthony " The Animal " Fiato , in for a big piece of his "sky-is-the-limit" poker game located in a ritzy Sunset Strip high-rise .As Mafia boss Pete Milano was counting his end from the poker game an F.B.I.bug picked up Milano praising Fiato to capo Louie Gelfuso saying , " finally someone knows how to get things done the right way in this Family, Anthony is worth Ten men "