Thursday, September 25, 2008


In the mob the best time to whack out a guy is when he least's expects it . Like when he is putting coins in a phone slot in a phone booth If he could, Frankie Bompansiero would tell you this rings true.

Mobster Tommy Ricciardi came west to LA to collect a debt for the Providence Mob . Ricciardi needed to clear the collection with the LA mob so he reached out to Mobster, Jack Lo Cicero, who then made a meet with Capo, Mike Rizzitello..Eventually Rizzitello wound up using Tommy in a shakedown that turned out to be an FBI sting operation named Forex.

.Mobster, Frank Bompensiero had endorsed the Feds Forex scheme to L. A mob members and was branded a rat that had to be exterminated. ..Mobster Jimmy 'The Weasel" Fratianno knew Bomp's habit was to make his nightly calls from a phone booth near his home so he set "Bomp" up for a slugger to whack him out.

While standing in a phone booth , talking to his pal Jimmy Fratianno, Frankie Bomps was pumped full of lead from a 22 caliber automatic with a silencer attached to it. The gun was held in the hand of Hitman, Tommy Ricciardi--who sped away in a car driven by Mobster Jack LoCicero