Monday, April 30, 2007

Mobster leg breaker loses leg

Joe "Joe Fish" Grupa had a wooden leg, but that didn't stop him from strong-arming pornographers with Hollywood, Hitman , Tommy Riccardi.. When Riccardi died from heart failure, Joe Fish went to work in the garment district for Mafia, mobster, Anthony Fiato . One night Fish steered a garment sucker of Fiato's to a crooked crap game --- the joint suddenly got raided.-- Fish lambed it out of the place so fast--- that he fell---and his wooden leg broke off.......Two coppers spotted fish floundering on the ground. One cop , said to the other, " we better get this poor prick a doctor" , Fish then shouted out," I DONT NEED A DOCTOR, 'I NEED A FUCKING CARPENTER "