Saturday, April 28, 2007

big time racketeer

Los Angeles Mobster Joe "JS" Sica's long-suit was loyalty and he never ran short of moxie or money making rackets . .Mafia boss Jack Dragna made Joe an offer that he was wasn't supposed to refuse ---but he did---- when he wouldn't whack-out his pal Mickey Cohen. . Defying Dragna made Sica a mench/honorable in the eyes of Cohen's Jewish bookies -- but it ruled out any chance of Sica becoming a member of the L. A. Mafia . The bookies eventually threw in with JS ----- and to keep the peace----- he gave up a piece of his lucrative bookmaking General Jack .. . Sica also made big bucks dealing drugs.. He proved he was an artist at extortion when he came up with the Idea of shaking down parking lot attendants on the classy club filled Sunset Strip. JS always had a crew of cuttroats to enforce for him . He mentored many mobster like Mike Rizzitello and Anthony "the Animal" Fiato who both went on to become high caliber power players in the Los Angeles underworld