Monday, May 4, 2009

Colombo Mobster Chris Paciello aka Saint of small time snitches

Chris Paciello owned two of Miami's hottest clubs and hung out with Ingrid Casares, Jennifer Lopez, and Madonna. A murder charge scattered his A-list pals ==Chris Paciello (born Christian Ludwigsen,September 7, 1971, Brooklyn, New York) is a Cosa Nostra associate and government informant who was convicted of murder in New York City

Christian Ludwigsen, aka Chris Paciello.

Mob rat, Chris Paciello, was a former muff diver of Madonna's ,who recently surfaced in Malibu. Paciello snitched off a couple of Colombo Crime Family wiseguy's to get out of a murder rap. He had been the low-level-scumbag driver on a house invasion A decent married woman was shot to death during the despicable crime.