Friday, April 3, 2009

Dominic Brooklier Hollywood Mafia

Dominic Brooklier aka Jimmy Regace aka "Old-man". Brooklier became boss of the Los Angeles Crime Family after Nicky Licata died. Brooklier was a Dragna shooter in the Sunset Strip war with Mickey Cohen’s mob, and he shot and wounded a Cohen henchman. Brooklier thought himself to be very smart .He proudy held a law degree. He hated Mobster’s Jimmy “the Weasel “Fratianno, and Frank ” Bomp” Bompensiero. He considered them both to be treacherous,and beef -brained gunsels. Brooklier ordered the hit that killed Bompensiero and he put a contract out on Fratianno for his seditious attempted try at taking over as boss of his Mob while he was serving a stretch in the slammer. He also believed that Jimmy Fratianno was a rat. That belief proved to be true, when ”The Weasel” testified against Brooklier and other members of the Los Angeles Crime Family in the FBI Forex extortion trial.