Monday, December 1, 2008

Bugsy Siegels best weapon

We all know the Bugsy Siegel back story. How he got shot bla, ,bla.,bla, I brought up Bugsy's name on a show full of mob rocket scientists. There was Jimmy "The Weasel" Fratianno, Pete the Greek , Harry Hall, Blackie Gallo, and a few other college graduates, get my drift.? Well, I posed this question to them all,.. "What is it about guys like Bugsy Siegel and other gangsters that make so many woman like them?" .Fratianno put on his thinking cap, and mulled the question over for a while, then he came up with a real gem, " well, Bugsy was a good tipper, and most broads like that." Pete "The Greek" Diapoulas chimed in with , a broad likes a guy that doesn't have to wait for a table, I mean, the captain gives a mob guy the best table in the joint, and a broad is impressed.".Blackie the booster says, " gangsters dress sharp, they buy all high line suits off of boosters, all boosted from the best joints in Beverly Hills, and they spend, broads love a guy that dresses with class, and he spends his dough on them. . Harry "The Swindler" Hall nailed it when he said, " you know fellas , It was a well known fact that Bugsy had a big schlong , 'and broads love that".
Another True Hollywood Anthony Fiato